New releases!

We have a bunch of great releases coming out this Spring that we are really excited about. Two of which, Belle of the Fall and Jeff Przech, share a birthday on April 6th.

Jeff Przech and the Outfit came in and tracked an amazing album in the spirit of 70’s Waylon Jennings. We put all the amps and drums in the main live room and they ripped through their songs live. Jeff tracked the vocals live in the room as well which really gives the album a great vibe.

The new Belle of the Fall record definitely pushed us to new sonic heights as we really explored how far we could push our sound.

Cosmos Sunshine’s came in with his band and ripped through an amazing rock album. This was another one where we left the click track at home and tracked the full band live. This one comes out in May.

Nathaniel Hintz second record with us is almost done and should be out in the next few months. It’s been fun to see him develop in every area. There is a definite trust that develops when you are making a second record as a team. Really excited for everyone to hear this one.

Check out these records!


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