Our Story

I bought my first black faced ADAT back in the early 90’s and set up a makeshift studio in my basement. Having just finished my studies at the Hartford Conservatory with Dave Santoro, I was busy teaching and playing and would record only just for myself, my friends and very occasionally some other people I wanted to work with. I taught at The National Guitar Workshop, wrote 3 bass books for Alfred Publishing, played on a bunch of session work and released 3 solo albums.

Over the years I upgraded from the Adats and the midi verb to Pro Tools and a bunch of great gear (you can see some of the gear in the about page or on your studio tour…). In 2013, I decided the time was right to come out of the basement and build a real studio. I enlisted my carpenter brother and we went to work designing the space I had always wanted. We now have a 16×14 control room with 12 foot ceilings and a 20×16 live room that also has 12 foot ceilings. The control room opens to an additional 14×25 live room. We recently converted the old studio space into a video studio where we have a green screen and are set up to bring all of your creative visual ideas to life. The studio is set out in the woods of the Northwest Corner of CT so if you are looking for a busy city for your record, this is not it. However, if you want an escape to relax and make a great record this would be the place for you.

I have had the great pleasure of working on so many amazing albums over these last few years. We have really dialed in the sound and created an A team of area players that have added to the overall sound and vibe of the studio. On any given day you will find Glen Nelson here tracking an organ part, Julia Autumn Ford laying down some killer backing vocals, Steve Peck crushing a drum track, Ben Dean, Pete Adams, Jeff Chen, etc. I am blessed with some extremely talented friends.

I recently added Julia Autumn Ford as an assistant engineer and videographer.  Since then we have worked on a bunch of great records and have really increased our video capabilities.

We look forward to helping you make your next masterpiece!

Tracy Walton