We have a bunch of great releases coming out this Spring that we are really excited about. Two of which, Belle of the Fall and Jeff Przech, share a birthday on April 6th.

Jeff Przech and the Outfit came in and tracked an amazing album in the spirit of 70’s Waylon Jennings. We put all the amps and drums in the main live room and they ripped through their songs live. Jeff tracked the vocals live in the room as well which really gives the album a great vibe. https://www.jeffprzech.com

The new Belle of the Fall record definitely pushed us to new sonic heights as we really explored how far we could push our sound. http://www.belleofthefall.com

Cosmos Sunshine’s came in with his band and ripped through an amazing rock album. This was another one where we left the click track at home and tracked the full band live. This one comes out in May. http://www.cosmossunshinemusic.com

Nathaniel Hintz second record with us is almost done and should be out in the next few months. It’s been fun to see him develop in every area. There is a definite trust that develops when you are making a second record as a team. Really excited for everyone to hear this one. https://www.facebook.com/straycboy/

Check out these records!


We did a serious upgrade our microphone collection and are excited to add the Telefunken U47 to our arsenal. No you are not seeing double; our sister studio has one as well so we have you covered if you need it in stereo. Email today to set up your next recording. IMG_3467

On the audio side of things, we are excited with the albums we have lined up and are looking forward to what looks to be a great year. On the visual side, we have recently upped our game in the video department. Julia Autumn Ford has been producing some great videos for clients as of late and we are excited to book more projects in the coming months. Shoot us an email and we can talk about what makes the most sense for your next release.

We have been so busy this year I realized it’s been a while since I checked in. So here’s what has been happening.

We mixed an album for Danny Draher. We released the Belle of the Fall debut. And we have been busy tracking  and mixing albums for Krista Johnson, Steve Dunn, Quinn Harley, Nathaniel Hints, Rivers, Emily Bordonaro, Howard Baldwin.

We have also been busy getting On Deck Productions up and running. With the addition of Paloma Starr to our video team we have really upped our game. We have been working with Aim For a Better Tomorrow on their video branding. We also recently released video singles for Jeff Przech and Brian Dolzani. We have one coming up soon for Chris Tofield and a few Belle of the Fall videos in the works.

Back to cut a vocal! Let us know when you are ready to make some music and we can set us a tour. OD Productions Black Background



A huge thanks to all the artists that trusted me to bring your music to life this year. I am grateful for the many friendships I made and all the great music I was privileged to be a part of. 2016 is on the horizon. I’m looking forward to many more great projects, and hosting the acoustic stage at Podunk Bluegrass and Fuse Fest.

Please contact me to talk about your next project and set up a studio tour.


Hammond B# and Rhodes
Hammond B# and Rhodes


We have just come off of hosting and providing sound for the acoustic stages at Fuse Fest in Torrington CT. and Podunk Bluegrass in Hebron CT. Our friends at Telefunken provided mic boxes full of M80’s, M81’s, M60’s, and an AR51. We had some amazing bands cross our stage and are looking forward to working with these festivals next year and taking on a few more.

Fall is fast approaching and we are wrapping High Adventures record and a few videos for Howard Baldwin. We area doing some live recordings of a choir at an elderly facility, which has turned into the most rewarding project of the year.

Contact us now to talk about your next project. The door is always open for a tour. (by appointment that is…)


2015 has started off with some wonderful music, and our summer schedule is starting to fill up with projects I am really excited about.  Now we just need to get your new album started. Please give me a call and we can talk about your project and figure out a good time to have you come check out the space.

I look forward to hearing your music,