On Deck Sound Studio is owned and operated by Tracy Walton.

Our control room is a comfortable 12 x 16 room, that opens to our main 16 x 20 live room. Both rooms have 12 foot ceilings so they have a great vibe. The control also opens to a 30×20 space.. The studio is surrounded by woods so there are no distractions, other than the occasional bear and bobcat.

We are a Pro Tools based studio. We run the Apollo UA system, through a Neve 5060 console. We have a pair of 8050 Genelec monitors that gives you a great stereo image of what is happening.

We have a Baldwin piano, A Hammond B3 with  a Leslie, an eighty eight key Rhodes and a wurlitzer.

We have a bunch of great mics, including a Telefunken U47, Neumann U87, Telefunken Copperhead, A Pair of Telfunken M60s, vintage Telefunken 226, a Royer R121 ribbon, a pair of Sennheiser 414s, a pair of Sure KSM32’s, Sure SM7, AKG 414, C3000, D112, C1000, 2-MD421’s, Telfunken M80 and M81, and a box full of 57’s and 58’s.

Pre’s include a pair of Neve Portico II, a pair of API 512c’s, a pair of Shadow Hills Mono GamaDBX, Millennia,  586 Dual Vacuum Tube Pre, HHB Radius 10, Presonus Digimax. Neve MBP.
A pair of Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressors
Rossetta AD convertors.

Drums (60”s slingerland, and a Classic Maple Ludwig set) are set up and mic’d to save you time money.

I have an Juzek upright bass, 1974 Fender PBass,  910 Taylor acoustic, 816C Taylor acoustic, 314 Taylor Nylon, Gibson Jumbo Folk , 72 Gibson SG, 2002 Les Paul Classic, Fender Strat, 76 Fender Twin Reverb, Carr Mercury, Fender Hot Rod, Mandolin, Accordion, Yuke, which are all available for you to use.

I play bass, guitar, mandolin, drums etc. and play as part of the hourly rate. (There is a nominal fee for an engineer if I am playing all the instruments on your record.) Session drummers, keys, singers, horns etc. are available upon request.

I am a full time musician. I am confident we can make some great music here, so please contact me so we can set up a session.

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