On Deck Sound Studio is located in Northfield CT, and is owned and operated by Tracy Walton.

Our control room is a comfortable 12 x 16 room, that opens to our main 16 x 20 live room. Both rooms have 12 foot ceilings so they have a great vibe. The control also opens to a 30×20 space.. The studio is surrounded by woods so there are no distractions, other than the occasional bear and bobcat.

We are a Pro Tools based studio. We run the Apollo UA system, through a Neve 5060 console. We have a pair of 8050 Genelec monitors that gives you a great stereo image of what is happening.

We have a Baldwin piano, A Hammond B3 with  a Leslie, an eighty eight key Rhodes and a wurlitzer.

We have a bunch of great mics, including a Telefunken U47, Neumann U87, Telefunken Copperhead, A Pair of Telfunken M60s, vintage Telefunken 226, a Royer R121 ribbon, a pair of Sennheiser 414s, a pair of Sure KSM32’s, Sure SM7, AKG 414, C3000, D112, C1000, 2-MD421’s, Telfunken M80 and M81, and a box full of 57’s and 58’s.

Pre’s include a pair of Neve Portico II, a pair of API 512c’s, a pair of Shadow Hills Mono GamaDBX, Millennia,  586 Dual Vacuum Tube Pre, HHB Radius 10, Presonus Digimax. Neve MBP.
A pair of Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressors
Rossetta AD convertors.

Drums Classic Maple Ludwig set is set up and mic’d to save you time money. We have some vintage 60’s Zyldian Cymbals and a Ludwig Supraphonic snare.

We have an Juzek upright bass, 1974 Fender PBass,  910 Taylor acoustic, 816C Taylor acoustic, 314 Taylor Nylon, Gibson Jumbo Folk , 72 Gibson SG, 2002 Les Paul Classic, Fender Strat, 2003 Custon Shop Fender Tele, 76 Fender Twin Reverb, Carr Mercury, Fender Hot Rod, Mandolin, Accordion, Yuke, which are all available for you to use.

I plays bass, guitar, mandolin, drums etc. and play as part of the hourly rate. (There is a nominal fee for an engineer if I am playing all the instruments on your record.) Session drummers, keys, singers, horns etc. are available upon request.

We are full time musicians. We are confident you can make some great music here, so please contact me so we can set up a session.


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