In 2016, I performed at a house concert and was recommended to check out On Deck Sound Studio. I emailed Tracy Walton and we met and talked at the studio. I felt right at home upon the first visit and decided to record my self-titled debut album there on the spot. Tracy’s studio is equipped with high studio grade equipment surrounded by beautiful New England scenery. Tracy has a vast knowledge of music theory and history. Besides being a killer bassist, Tracy is a great multi-instrumentalist. It’s typical for studios to take your money, put you in a room, and hit record. Mr. Walton is not only a musician and studio producer, Tracy is a coach who knows when to push you or to lay off and let you work things out. Tracy is honest and gets straight to the point, which is very rare in this business. On Deck Sound Studio also provides great videography from Tracy and Julia Autumn Ford. They continue to out do themselves every video project. On Deck Sound Studio also serves as a hub of musicians. There is always someone coming in or out which gives this studio a real cool vibe. I have had the privilege to become friends with Tracy, Julia, and many of the people that have been apart of On Deck. I highly recommend On Deck Sound Studio if your looking to bring your art to the next level of professionalism and to enjoy it while your doing so.


For my second record, it was important for me to find someone that not only understood, but agreed with and supported my vision. Tracy Walton was that person. From start to finish, Tracy was completely on board with what I wanted to do and did everything in his power to make the record sound the way I wanted to and match the sounds I had in my head. He was ultra-encouraging from day one and every suggestion he made was on point and made perfect sense. Plus, he lent his talents as a bass player and a vocalist to the record, an ancillary benefit that was icing on the proverbial cake. I couldn’t be happier with the way my second record turned out and I owe much of that to Tracy and On Deck. I was so satisfied that we’ve already begun work on my third record!


On Deck Sound Studio. What can I say, other than making my most recent album there, it has been right up there with the very best recording experiences of my entire career and I have worked in some the best, most famous studios in NYC and elsewhere.
The space is warm, comfortable, acoustically sound and the gear is excellent. Just the right stuff to get the job done. But it’s Tracy’s demeanor, engineering skills, musicianship and experience as a songwriter that make it all come together. I recommend On Deck for anything from a full-scale album project down to simple demos for an up-and-coming singer/songwriter and all points in between. Five Stars.



In 2016 I recorded my 5th release at On Deck Sound Studios. The studio has great gear and they know how to use all of it. The atmosphere is very relaxed and creative. Tracy is very good at looking at the overall scope of the project, budgeting time and keeping the project on track from start to finish

I would recommend On Deck Sound Studios to anyone looking for a quality product at a competitive price.


I had the very best experience recording with Tracy Walton at On Deck Sound Studio. From the very beginning, I felt that my vision was the highest priority. I felt comforted, supported and a sense of trust. Tracy is a highly professional businessman and musician with a down to earth personality that enabled my best performance to shine during the recording process. Each day in the studio I was met with authentic inspiration and enthusiasm. He took genuine interest in my thoughts and critiques down to every last note. Tracy’s nature is very patient and calm which allowed me to express myself and my ideas clearly. Tracy’s expertise and attention to detail enabled me to articulate musically exactly what I wanted. Through the confidence I felt and gained while working as a team, the songs developed naturally and rather quickly. On Deck’s high tech studio was a welcoming place that allowed creative freedom and space to try out new instruments, explore sounds and special effect. The musicians Tracy brought in when I needed, came highly trained and complimentary to the sound I desired to create making each track dynamic and unique. Schedules, dates and times were respectively kept yet, he made himself available and flexible for extra time when necessary. A feeling of accomplishment and momentum continued right up to the final mastering process which I was also included in. Overall, there was a feeling that we were moving towards the final product that I was completely happy with and exceedingly proud of. I learned so much and have gained so much from this experience! With such gratitude, I now possess a stellar, high quality recording of the music my ears have yearned to hear. Also, I have met a fine network of people affiliated with the Connecticut music industry with regards to my dear friend and co-producer, Tracy Walton of On Deck Sound Studio.


I had looked into a few studios in the area, however after walking out of On Deck Sound Studio for the first time I knew it was inevitable I would be coming back. Now, having recorded my first EP there with Tracy Walton, I’m confident I made the furthest thing from a mistake. Being someone who had mastered the art of cell phone recordings and the occasional camera, I had no idea what to expect but Tracy explained every step of the way making sure we were both always on the same page. He also offered advice and guidance in other areas such as songwriting which really steered me in the right direction as a new and young musician. This made the outcome of the experience more than just a CD; I learned and grew as an artist and a person. Tracy has a phenomenal musical sensibility that allowed him to take my songs from where they were to where they needed to be all without losing the original essence of the songs. He never hesitated to state his opinions and ideas but always respected mine and understood my vision. His easy going, open and professional attitude create a space that reflects the same qualities. The studio itself is absolutely beautiful and inviting with windows that provide remarkable views of the surrounding wildlife. When working there, if you’re as lucky as I was, you may unexpectedly catch a bobcat strolling by whilst casually strumming your guitar, or fantasizing bird calls seemingly timed at the end of a track. If not, at least you’re lucky enough to be recording at On Deck Sound Studio.


I’m Jay Roberts, a singer songwriter from the Northwest corner of CT. I am releasing my first real studio album “Devil’s Son”, which was recorded at On Deck Sound Studio in Northfield. I was a total newbie at the process of making a studio album. Tracy Walton made the experience memorable and truly excellent. He explained what steps we were going to take so that I completely understood the process. He was more than fair and flexible in scheduling dates that worked with my crazy schedule. Tracy was willing to offer his advice and professional opinion on not just song style but overall musicianship. That definitely brought out the better singer/player in me…while absolutely letting me make the album that I wanted to. When I needed professional musicians to play parts that I couldn’t, he had easy access to great talents to hire for the jobs. As professionals go, On Deck Sound Studio engineer John Roper is incredible too. Excellent guy to have on any musical project.  Thanks so much to the both of you for all your hard work! “Devil’s Son” is a success. On Deck Sound Studio rules!


We had an opportunity to do some tracking over at Tracy Walton’s On Deck Sound Studio a couple of weeks ago. We always talked about doing some live recording at some point and this was as good a time as any. I’m pretty happy with the takes and I definitely came away impressed with On Deck as a whole. Great vibe, great gear, professional staff with years of experience. It’s a new studio but already it’s one to be reckoned with as you can really achieve some nice warm organic tones there. Definitely hope to go back at some point in the future.


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